Energy-efficient, base-isolated and digital, Smart Hospitals are set to leave their mark on the healthcare industry in 2017. Forty four of such hospitals are currently under development, thanks to the feasibility of the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) model. Originally launched with a scope of 22 hospitals, the total budget allocated for the project so far is $35 billion. The goal: to increase the existing public hospital bed capacity of 162,000 to 230,000 by 2023. Developed through the PPP model, these smart, energy-efficient, base-isolated and digital hospitals are certain to be the talk of the year until the end of 2017. EXPOMED, which will open its doors to visitors from March 30 to April 2, 2017, will showcase smart hospitals in addition to the newest technologies in the healthcare industry.

Driven by technology, Turkey has made significant leaps in the healthcare industry in recent years. According to private investments complementing public ones, Turkey is certainly becoming a globally competitive player in healthcare. Thanks to the feasibility of the PPP (Public-Private Partnership) model, which has recently come to the fore, there are 44 projects in development today.

In this model, which was introduced in Turkey in 2011, projects are put out to tender, where the winning bidders develop the project in two to four years and operate it for a period of 25 years before turning it over to the Ministry of Health. Taking into account the healthcare infrastructure of Turkey, this partnership model is particularly important for healthcare buildings that would otherwise become a significant burden on public budget, while at the same time; it allows public healthcare services to benefit from the capital, experience and skills of the private sector. 

Integrated hospitals to be developed across Turkey
These integrated hospitals, developed as Public-Private Partnerships using a build-operate-transfer model, carry the support of the Turkish Ministry of Health. Currently under development in the pilot regions of Yozgat, Mersin and Isparta, these hospitals feature high levels of energy-efficiency, are base-isolated against earthquakes and are equipped with digital technologies, indicating the importance placed on environmental awareness in addition to human health and contributing to a more sustainable world. As the number of integrated hospitals grows, so does the need for specialized equipment to be used in these hospitals. And that is where EXPOMED, where inventions and devices that will make life easier for both patients and physicians, comes into play.

REED TÜYAP General Manager Ali Muharremoğlu remarks that the Turkish healthcare industry is in a state of constant growth with new hospitals and renovations of existing ones. Highlighting the fact that EXPOMED is the largest medical fair of Turkey and the Eurasia region, and noting the event’s focus on showcasing the most advanced technologies and the pinnacles of R&D and innovation in the healthcare industry during its four-day run, Muharremoğlu said: “EXPOMED is poised to bring together over 1,100 brands and brand representatives from 50 countries under its roof. Each year, the event hosts numerous professionals and procurement delegations from Turkey and abroad. This year, we are expecting an attendance of over 35,000, thanks to the new equipment and the newest developments in the medical industry. At the same time, enabling our visitors to fulfill their business goals is our top priority at REED TÜYAP. We are keeping a close eye on the latest trends in the industry and our visitor demographics to allow our participants to build and maintain their best business connections. With the new generation exhibition concept, we are working to bring together the right visitor with the right product before, during and after the fair.”