Prof. Eyüp Gümüş, Undersecretary of the Turkish Ministry of Health, has said:
  • We support domestic producers of Medical Materials and medical devices
  • By 2023, we will have built a team of 200,000 physicians
  • We are building hospital chains of 60,000 beds  
The most prominent meeting platform for actors in the healthcare sectors of Eurasia and Turkey, EXPOMED, which is organized by REED TÜYAP, opened its doors on Thursday, March 22 with more than 800 participating companies from 40 countries. At the opening ceremony, which featured a welcome speech by Ali Muharremoğlu, Managing Director of Reed Tüyap, Prof. Eyüp Gümüş, Undersecretary of the Turkish Ministry of Health talked about the developments in the healthcare sector.
March 22, 2018- EXPOMED, the most prominent meeting platform for actors in the healthcare sector in Eurasia and Turkey, opened its doors on Thursday, March 22 with more than 800 participating companies and brand representatives from 40 countries.
As the host of the exhibition, Ali Muharremoğlu, Managing Director of Reed Tüyap, delivered the opening remarks. "Welcome to Expomed, the leading exhibition that gathers actors of the healthcare sector in Turkey and the developing Eurasian region under one roof. The investments in public and private hospitals in Turkey have been attracting world-wide attention to the country's healthcare sector, which places growing importance on the health ministry's vision of a "TURKEY in which everyone adopts a healthy lifestyle and has easy access to the right to health" and implements a proper health policy management. Thanks to our progress, EXPOMED has become one of the leading fairs in Eurasia as regards the number of exhibitors and visitors. We have broken a new record in our 25th year. With a growth of 17% compared to last year, we have reached an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters. With the participation of 585 companies and over 800 brands from 44 countries, we have become the most effective marketing platform in the region. As of today, we have observed a 30% increase in the number of online applications. We are expecting 38,000 sector professionals, 6,500 of which are international visitors from 90 countries. Through our country offices and agencies and in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, DEIK and TIKA, we have established procurement committees in Turkey, the Balkans, Caucasia, Russia, Iran, North Africa, and the Middle East. As a result of these efforts, we have been able to bring together 1,000 professionals, with 674 guests from abroad, with the sector representatives. This year's edition has many innovations in store. For the first time, a stand will be set up for OTC drugs, which are on the rise all around the globe -including in Turkey-, in the foyer area of Hall 6 and Hall 7. I believe we will all see the positive effects of the innovations which I have briefly mentioned here. I hope that Expomed 2018 will be a fruitful and event for all," noted Muharremoğlu.
Following Muharremoğlu's speech, Prof. Eyüp Gümüş, Undersecretary of the Turkish Ministry of Health, touched upon the latest developments in the healthcare sector along with three important topics. "We are carrying out activities on human resources, physical spaces, and medical devices in the healthcare sector. In the last five years, we have been renovating hospitals all around the country. We have improved each and every hospital, with primary focus on city hospitals. These efforts are underway at full speed. Within 3 years, no hospital which requires renovation will remain. In line with these efforts, we are creating a chain of hospitals containing 60,000 beds. With regards to human resources, we are making significant effort for physicians. In Turkey, human resources in the healthcare sector have increased from 250,000 in 2003 to 650,000 in present day; this number totals 1 million with the Health Ministry personnel. By 2023, we will have built a team of 200,000 physicians. There are currently 80,000 practicing physicians and 65,000 specialists offering healthcare services. We plan to increase the number of specialists to 100,000 by 2023. Another issue we place great importance on is medical devices. Our country boasts a remarkable capacity in terms of devices. In this regard, we encourage the entire sector to purchase and produce domestically. Since the end of 2015, we have been expending great efforts to localize the healthcare sector. We support domestic producers of medical materials and medical devices. Alongside all of these activities, our Ministry is striving in full gear to improve the healthcare sector in Turkey," said Gümüş.
Until March 25, 2018, Expomed Eurasia, the leading fair in Eurasia which will take place at the Tüyap Fair, Convention and Congress Center to exhibit medical devices, equipment and technologies and feature discussions on the latest medical trends and scientific events, awaits visitors with its halls divided according to four major product groups: Orthopedics and Consumables, Electro-Medical Equipment and Medical and Laboratory Technologies, Hospital Building and Medical Facility Management, and the newly added OTC Drugs. The exhibition to take place in Istanbul, a meeting point for procurement committees from various parts of the world, will bring together the sector representatives from the Middle East, the Balkans, North Africa, and the Turkic Republics with the visitors. The exhibition will be open until March 25 16:00. To visit, please download your online invitation free of charge at www.expomedistanbul.com.