Expomed Eurasia 2019 Opens its Doors

Prof. Emine Alp Meşe, Turkey’s Deputy Minister of Health: Turkey sets an example for the world with more than 1,500 hospitals and general health policies providing for almost an entire population
Kemal Yaz, TÜMDEF President: There is need for Medical Device Organized Industrial Zones
Metin Demir, SEİS President: The medical device sector accounts for 8.5 percent of Turkey’s USD 150 billion healthcare spending
Expomed, the most eminent medical gathering across Eurasia and Turkey, was launched by REED TÜYAP on Thursday, March 28 to host over 1100 brands and brand representatives from 45 countries until Saturday, March 30.
Once again a hub for the medical industry in its 26th edition, EXPOMED hosts more than 1100 brands and brand representatives from 45 countries.  An event of top priority for procurement committees from across the world, it welcomes at Istanbul more than 20 committees including those from North Africa, Middle East and Balkans as well as Iraq, a country of target.
The fair opening showcased cutting-edge medical technologies as well as R&D and innovation marvels with participation of Prof. Emine Alp Meşe, Turkish Deputy Minister of Health; Hakkı Gürsöz, President of the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency; Timur Erk, President of the Turkish Kidney Foundation; Metin Demir, President of the Health Industry Employers’ Association of Turkey; Kemal Yaz, President Federation of Medical Device Manufacturers and Suppliers Association; Ali Muharremoğlu, General Manager at Reed Tüyap Fairs, among many sectoral professionals and exhibitors.
“This year, we are expecting 20 percent more international guests”
In his opening address, Reed Tüyap Fairs General Manager Ali Muharremoğlu described EXPOMED, a 26-year event, as the most reputable meeting platform that offers value to visitors. Muharremoğlu extended gratitude to all those for contributing to the fair’s success to date and added: “Our ministry puts significant efforts into ensuring a healthy lifestyle and easy access to healthcare for all. In a time of constantly growing focus on healthcare, investments in both public and private hospitals turned heads from all over the world. The annually rising number of international visitors confirms our strong position. These figures demonstrate that our exhibition, for which we expect an approximate 20 percent hike in the participation ratio, is an export platform, and we make solid progress towards our sustainable goals”.
“Companies in this sector must pursue innovative and continuous improvement policies”
Prof. Emine Alp Meşe, Turkish Deputy Minister of Health, made the following remarks: “The medical device sector has peculiar dynamics. This key industry harbors a plethora of stakeholders, changes with the developing technologies and requires well-organized collaborations. In a globalizing world, it is indispensable for the sector's companies to produce in light of innovative and continuous improvement policies. Countries should set out policies to unveil their manufacturing capabilities, boost exports and create global brands. These policies must encompass collective action, promotional and mainstreaming efforts as well as public, private and university partnerships. With this vision in mind, we strive to support scientific studies and events in collaboration with public, private and academic realms.  Our efforts aim to deliver healthcare solutions to cater for the needs of this era. Currently, the medical devices market exceeds USD 400 billion globally while it is worth an approximate USD 2.7 billion in Turkey. Turkey’s needs have switched from basic medical devices to those equipped with mid- and high-level technologies. Exports are on a continued rise. Turkey sets an example for the world with more than 1,500 hospitals and general healthcare policies providing for almost an entire population. We see this fact recognized by many countries.”
“R&D-backed manufacturing will carry us up to the developed world level”
Kemal Yaz, TÜMDEF President, noted that EXPOMED is key to the sector. Yaz said that the exhibition thrives with more additions every year and continued: “Healthcare is the most important topic worldwide. There are major obstacles to healthcare access. The year 2017 saw 7.7 trillion healthcare spending, a figure that goes up by 5 percent annually. These figures do not provide a solid basis for comparison between the healthcare spending of the developed and underdeveloped countries. Although our healthcare spending per capita is behind the OECD average, we outperform many countries in the category of access to healthcare. That said, we, all the stakeholders in the sector, should work to raise our healthcare spending per capita, and most importantly, we should produce. On the other hand, at TÜMDEF, we believe that setting up an organized industrial zone for medical devices is instrumental to sectoral growth.  R&D-backed manufacturing is our most vital tool for leveling up to developed countries. This calls for cooperation with universities, the industry and the government.”  
“To survive big storms, we cling together with small branches”
Metin Demir, SEİS President, also stated that the sector has reached a key position. Informing that the medical device sector accounts for 8.5 percent of Turkey’s healthcare spending of USD 150 billion, Demir elaborated: “In fact, there are sector-wide problems with payments. To survive big storms, we cling together with small branches. To create a peaceful environment for manufacturers, we need to move forward with mutual trust and integrity. Today, we should talk about the ways to deliver an output with added value.  Meanwhile, we are making great progress with city hospitals. We, as a country, should work on turning this strategic move into opportunities and on adding value. In 2023, we can raise our goal to USD 2 billion. For this, we need to act together and manage our business with mutual sympathy and sincerity.”